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Mark Sanford says screw ya to South Carolina’s jobless, I’ve got

Mark Sanford puts SC unemployed at risk, turning down $700 million in federal stimulus bill

Mark Sanford might want to be president in 2012. But if Sanford is going to get there, he should concentrate on his day job, being Governor of South Carolina.

Right now, Sanford acts like he doesn’t want to provide the necessary leadership to help his state. South Carolina has a 10.4% unemployment rate, yet Governor Sanford doesn’t want to spend stimulus money on the unemployed. The 10.4% mark is the fastest growing unemployment rate in the country, and the overall mark is second to Michigan’s 11.6%. When your state is slightly better off than Michigan when it comes to employment, your state is not in good shape.

The state has been forced since December to borrow $176 million from the federal government in order to pay jobless claims. Allendale County has an official unemployment rate of 23.4% in January; 75% of the state’s counties had double digit unemployment rates.

As Don Schunk, a research economist at Coastal Carolina University told The State newspaper, “The speed with which things have deteriorated is unprecedented.”

What is Gov. Sanford doing to help in this crisis? Whining about having to use money to help the unemployed, which he doesn’t want to do. Wanting to use stimulus money – not for stimulus – but to pay down the debt. And let’s not forget the awkward, inaccurate comparisons to Zimbabwe.

Now we have the main course: Gov. Sanford is officially turning down $700 million from the stimulus package. Yes, Sanford said no to $700 million because “We don’t think it’s a good idea to spend money that you don’t have.”</em>

Well, here’s a perfect example of what happens when you vote against your own interests. South Carolina elected this asshat Republican Governor, and voted for McCain over Obama. So what did these Dixie fried dimwits get for their vote? Second highest unemployment in the nation, and a grandstanding Governor who is running for President on the backs of his ignorant citizens.

I’m counting the days till we leave Hillbilly Heaven.

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