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Oregon to get into the weed business?

‘Socialize’ it? Oregon may grow, tax and sell medical marijuana

In most states, the issue of medical marijuana is not on any legislative docket.

In Oregon however, a state which already allows medical marijuana, socializing the weed is being pitched as a bipartisan cause célèbre.

Maybe socializing is the wrong word.

“House Bill 3247 would direct the state to establish and operate a marijuana production facility,” reported Oregon’s KGW-TV. “The state would control potency and pharmacy distribution.”

Okay, so maybe it isn’t.

If the legislation, which is currently in committee review, becomes law, the state would take control of Oregon’s booming cannabis industry, bringing growing and sales under the public domain.

Oregon’s current medical cannabis program allows care providers and patients to grow their own supply, but both Republicans and Democrats in the state feel the system is not working. Their solution is to bankroll the bud on the public dime and charge a weighty tax – $98 per ounce – every time an approved patient makes a purchase. </em>

Well, having tasted their wine at the source, I can’t wait to try their pot…


thanks to LH for the purdy picture!

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