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Clinton almost says something factual, but corrects herself at l

Clinton: US shares blame for Mexican drug wars

Headline like that really gets your hopes up that finally, someone in power might actually tell the truth about drugs. But then you read further, and the cold fish of reality- the reality that she’s a politician, and a Clinton to boot- slaps you upside the head. Again.

“I feel very strongly we have a co-responsibility,” Clinton told reporters, adding: “Our insatiable demand for illegal drugs fuels the drug trade.”

Huh, lets see. What are some other exports from Mexico to the US?

Crude oil …US$30.3 billion (15.3% of Mexico to U.S. exports, up 31.8% from 2005)

Car parts & accessories … $21.8 billion (11%, up 5.7%)

Video equipment (e.g. DVD players) … $14.6 billion (7.4%, up 38.3%)

Passenger cars … $14.2 billion (7.2%, up 31.2%)

Other complete & assembled vehicles … $9.6 billion (4.8%, up 20.2%)

Funny, I don’t hear of anyone fighting in the streets over Ford minivans and cheap dvd players, so maybe our “insatiable demand” isn’t the problem. The problem, of course, is that these products are legal, while drugs are not. That is the complete and total rebuttal to our “responsibility” in Mexico’s drug wars. If we truly gave a shit about their wellbeing then we could end the problem over the weekend. Legalize it, tax it, and move on.

And as an aside, Hillary, does it ever cross your mind WHY we have an “insatiable demand” for drugs? If you need a hint, I quote to you from Mark Sandman and Morphine:

Someday there’ll be a cure for pain

That’s the day I throw my drugs away</em>

Just perhaps, if you and the rest of your Beltway thugs hadn’t fornicated the economic pooch, leading to rising unemployment, drastic loss of peoples retirement savings, and hadn’t sent thousands of young Americans off to die in some fucking desert we shouldn’t give a shit about, maybe, just maybe, you wouldn’t have so many people getting high.

I’m just sayin’.

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