Too sick for insurance

Too sick for insurance

Whatta country…sheesh:

Insurers shun those taking certain meds

Trying to buy health insurance on your own and have gallstones? You’ll automatically be denied coverage. Rheumatoid arthritis? Automatic denial. Severe acne? Probably denied. Do you take metformin, a popular drug for diabetes? Denied. Use the anti-clotting drug Plavix or Seroquel, prescribed for anti-psychotic or sleep problems? Forget about it.

This confidential information on some insurers’ practices is available on the Web — if you know where to look.

What’s more, you can discover that if you lie to an insurer about your medical history and drug use, you will be rejected because data-mining companies sell information to insurers about your health, including detailed usage of prescription drugs.

These issues are moving to the forefront as the Obama administration and Congress gear up for discussions about how to reform the healthcare system so that Americans won’t be rejected for insurance.

How many people have died or been driven into financial ruin simply because they got screwed by the insurance industry? Thousands upon thousands most likely. Putting a dollar value on our health- saying, essentially, if you’re rich you live, poor you die- is insane. For the same reason we attempt to educate all our children- because if benefits us as a nation- everyone should have basic healthcare. For the same reason. And don’t say health care coverage is a choice- millions of Americans would love to even have the choice to get insurance they can afford, but can’t. But somebody somewhere is making a buck off of it, and giving a chunk of that dollar to a congresscreep, so nothing is going to change. Because in addition to being an increasingly sick nation, we’re a damn short-sighted and stupid one too.

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