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Why do they sell condoms in the airport?

Random thoughts from a weekend away….

Since we were able to get through the security kabuki that is TSA in Albuquerque in a flash, I had time to wander the gate area and I stopped at a Hudson’s newsstand. In addition to the regular books, magazines, bottled water and eye drops, I noticed they sold Trojan condoms. And a 2 pack, at that.


Presumably you stock the items that will sell to two distinct sets of people. First, you sell trinkets and gifts for returning businessmen who need to bring something home. Plush bears, t shirts, key chains with a kids name on it. Gotcha. Not a lot of need for condoms there.

Or, you sell to people about to board a plane. Snacks, magazines, junk food. But condoms? Who needs to buy rubbers in an airport? Maybe this article hints as to why– but even so, in these times of “heightened security” where are you supposedly to use them? Is there a special “doin’ it” section, next to the smoking ghetto? Or is there a special level of Crowne Room access that has beds? Because you ain’t got room on a modern plane for a woody, much less having sex. Weird.

The AQB airport offers free Wi-Fi, which makes me wonder. How long do you think you could search for “bomb” or “smuggling heroin past TSA” or such before some network sniffer noted it and found you? Because I would imagine all traffic flowing to and from your machine is captured and scanned in a closed environment such as an airport. Try it and get back to me.

And while we’re on the topic of security related airport stuff, explain to me this? Taking the fingerprints of non-US citizens LEAVING the country to determine if they overstayed visas or such? Who cares? They are leaving! Now, taking prints upon arrival, and checking their status then makes sense, but not when they are leaving the country- which is what you are going to do to them if you’ve found they’ve overstayed, right?

Security kabuki, again and again and again.

And as a side note, although I hope to live in the state one day, I shall never visit the Wal Mart in Espanola again. Shudder.

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