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Queensrÿche to Broadway?

Rent Star Pascal Wants to Put Operation: Mindcrime, the Musical, on Broadway

Adam Pascal, the Tony Award-nominated actor-singer known for his dual passions of musical theatre and rock music, is pursuing a dream he’s harbored since his teen years: to create a stage musical version of “Operation: Mindcrime,” the 1988 concept album by metal group Queensrÿche.

Pascal, currently starring in his Tony-nominated role of Roger in the new national tour of Rent, told that Queensrÿche (pronounced “Queens-Rike”) has given permission to – and will collaborate with – Pascal to conceive a Broadway-aimed musical of their popular recording about a brainwashed drug addict, Nikki, who becomes an assassin and seeks the love of a reformed hooker named Mary, who is now a nun.

The project is in the early stages, with no director, librettist, producer or music director attached, but Pascal said that Queensrÿche – including frontman and co-songwriter Geoff Tate and manager Susan Tate – has given him the go-ahead, and that the new musical will include new songs and connective material by the band.</em>

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