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No mass vaccinations says gov

Swine flu vaccine for ‘half US’

About half the US population should be vaccinated against the H1N1 virus with pregnant women and health workers the top priority, US officials have said.

A US government advisory committee said health officials should prepare to vaccinate 160 million people.

The vaccination campaign, which will involve two doses of vaccine per person, is due to begin in mid-October.

In the event that not enough vaccine is available, a tighter group of high-risk patients will receive it.

This group also includes people who care for babies, health workers and children between the age of six months and four years. </em>

While 160 million people are a bunch, certainly, this isn’t the specter of mass forced vaccinations many were fearing. Granted, nobody I know is going to be taking any drug our government hands out, and you ain’t gonna make us, either.

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