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Greater California

Greater California

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Once upon a time California was the golden land of warm surf, innovative hallucinogens, and economic opportunity. Today it’s a crowded, nearly bankrupt land of million dollar slums and firestorms. Ah, for the good old days…Thank goodness for Greater California! This Long Beach-based quintet recreates the old aura of relaxed glamor that incorporates the last half century of musical progress. Their sitar-based “It’s Great” meanders along like a pleasant Ravi Shankar buzz, “Foolish Son” might as well be a second British Invasion Top 40 hit, and “Pacific Ave. Corridor” recalls a calm acoustic number from just before closing time in a folk bar. While there are no explicit paeans to muscle cars or Muscle Beach, this group regenerates a real sense of the glories of the West Coast, circa 1964.

Greater California:

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