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Kentucky county halts census after death

Census surveys halted in rural Ky. county

Census surveys will remain suspended in a rural Kentucky county while law enforcement investigates the death of a part-time Census worker who was found dead in a cemetery, hanging from a tree with the word “fed” written on his body, an official said Sunday.

The death of Bill Sparkman has not been linked to his Census work. But the Census Bureau said door-to-door visits in the area will be halted until it gets a “better understanding of what happened,” spokesman Stephen Buckner said.

Sparkman, 51, died from asphyxiation, according to the preliminary finding of the local coroner. The man who found the body in Clay County told the Associated Press that Sparkman was nearly naked and had duct tape over his mouth. </em>

If this turns out to be a murder prompted by the insane paranoia of some inbred hillbilly, we have to ask, what exactly are they afraid of from the census? Have they been listening to this unhinged dingbat?

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