Todays exercise in nanny state nonsense: Empty gun shells

Todays exercise in nanny state nonsense: Empty gun shells

Des Moines school suspends girl over empty gun shells

An 11-year-old Des Moines girl was at home on suspension Tuesday for bringing a handful of empty shotgun shells to school last week.

Jazmine Martin, a sixth-grader at Brody Middle School, picked up the shells as souvenirs during a family trip to a ranch in South Dakota, where the rounds were fired as part of a show. They were blanks.

“I didn’t think they were going to hurt anyone,” Jazmine said. “I wanted to show them to my science teacher because he’s into stuff like this.”

She said she didn’t have time to show her teacher, but she did show a couple of friends. This week, she was called into the office and suspended.

Principal Randy Gordon said the shells were considered ammunition even though they were empty, and were therefore against school policy.

A copy of the school policy shows that it specifically bans “live ammunition or bullets” but makes no reference to empty shells or casings. However, the policy says it is not limited to the items specifically listed as being banned.

Like that last bit? How policy is not limited to reality, but to anything that some puckerass pinhead of a principal might get sweaty and tense over…such as empty shotgun shells?

And we wonder why todays youth appear to be slack-jawed dullards- they are raised that way by idiots like this, baby tyrants.

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