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Ha! GOP health care plan wouldn’t even cover themselves

Republican Leaders Couldn’t Find Affordable Coverage Under Their Own Health Plan

The Congressional Budget Office has concluded that under the $61 billion Republican amendment to the House health care bill, the number of uninsured Americans would increase to 52 million by 2019, but deficits would decrease by $68 billion over the 2010–2019 period. The bill could slightly reduce premiums for Americans who purchase coverage independently.

Millions of Americans would remain uninsured and continue to pay higher premiums. In fact it’s unlikely that any of the members of the Republican House Leadership would be able to find affordable insurance under their own proposal, should they chose to give up their government-sponsored plans.

The six men and one woman in the Republican House leadership have an average age of 52 and, as a group, are more susceptible to cardiovascular disease, different cancers, high blood pressure, and host of other chronic diseases. </em>

You get the feeling that every GOP decision is run through a filter of “People? Nah. Business? Ya!”

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