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KK Null

KK Null

Oxygen Flash

Neurot Recordings

It’s nigh impossible to imagine De Sadean noise neanderthal KK Null stripped of the guitar that he has artfully abused for over one million releases, solo, collaborations, and with his Motorhead id project, Zeni Geva. And yet, here is Oxygen Flash, a new solo record peopled with glitches, bleeps, skips, sine waves, and nary a stringed instrument to be found. I can’t help but imagine a long-haired Null sitting behind a MacBook, calmly and methodically bashing his head against the keyboard. Oxygen Flash is not a patiently constructed electronics record, it is a record of vicious revenge against the pointers-and-clickers and ProToolers of the world. Null seeks the visceral and physical in a form of composition that is usually cerebral and deliberate. Oxygen Flash is not an enjoyable record by any means, but it is a compelling stop off in a confrontational career. Similar to Zweizz, early Oval, Pansonic, and Third Eye Foundation, this is a very different kind of shredding.

Neurot: http://www.neurotrecordings.com

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