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In a Dark Tongue

Neurot Recordings

Harvestman is the alter ego of Neurosis’ Steve Von Till, a busy man these days, crafting his own personal, slightly deranged version of Walden covered in animal skins, bones, and sticky pine pitch. Harvestman is drained of aggression and anger, instead a melancholy idyll, a twisting and turning soundtrack for brooding under a bloated, orange moon. Eschewing all the metallic tools of the trade, In A Dark Tongue’s woodsy raggas are rough-hewn, chipped away from blocks of acoustic guitar, bone drums, and strange organic drones. Some signs point to early Amon Duul, Incredible String Band, or David Crosby’s first album. It’s like hearing field recordings of delirious, communal rituals surrounded by claw-fingered trees.


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