Truth to Power

Michael Moore has a point…

Moore: You know, I tell you, these Democrats are disgusting. Wimps and wusses and weasels. You know, get some spine. This is why I have to admire the Republicans. They at least stand for something. They at least have the courage of their convictions. They get elected to office, they come into town, and they go “Get outta my way, there’s a new sheriff in town. This is the way we’re doing things. Get outta here.” And then they do it. You know. I mean what they do is crazy. But dammit, they are good at it. We should take a page out of their book.

Cenk: I couldn’t agree more with that. So to finish that thought, if you were, for example, Van Jones, how would you have responded to Glenn Beck?

Michael: Fuck off! That’s what I would have said.</em>

Now that wasn’t hard, was it? The left needs to grow a sac and just tell all the neanderthal clowns on the right to FUCK OFF.

To wit, riding into work today I hear Georgia sack o’ shit Saxby Chambliss crying crocodile tears because Obama talked about bipartisanship, but “hasn’t done it”. Really? The GOP wouldn’t support Obama if he ended the IRS and got them all laid, and frankly, he’s just making himself look weak attempting to appease them. They have a single leadership plan- NO. Might as well take ‘em up on it, and allow them to sit in Congress and vote no…but anything further than that?


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