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US Ban on Arab Satellite TV Channels

April 20, 2010 “Dawn” – THE United States claims that one of its top foreign policy initiatives is to spread democracy and freedom around the world. But a recent bill in the US Congress has led many to wonder whether the US wants to become one of the world’s biggest hindrances to media freedom.

Early December the US House of Representatives voted by an overwhelming majority to pass a bill in order to stop satellite TV channels from 17 Arab nations from being transmitted to American audiences due to their engagement in ‘anti-American incitement to violence’.

In a Congress that cannot seem to agree on many burning issues – whether fixing the broken healthcare system or ways of dealing with the turbulent economic situation – the bill passed with 395 ‘yes’ votes, and only three dissenters.

The bill – known as House Resolution 2278 – has to pass many stages before it becomes a law, but it has shocked many for contradicting American support for free speech.

Airing of respectful disagreement with the policies of the US government is a part of the development process, which should be taken positively the US.</em>

“Anti-American”? They still allow Faux Noise to broadcast, sounds like hypocrisy to me.

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