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Oklahoma town uses tax dollars to pray about the weather. No. Re


Miami turns to prayer group to ‘dissipate’ severe weather

MIAMI, Okla. – On Monday, when it appeared that Mother Nature would unleash nasty weather, city officials in Miami turned to a heavenly ally.

They called on the city’s Emergency 911 prayer group for divine intervention.

That group was activated at 8:35 a.m., when city officials learned that the town faced a good chance of being hit by a severe thunderstorm – and possibly worse – Monday night.

‘’We don’t pray for it to hit anybody else,” said Glenna Longan, Miami’s emergency management coordinator. “We just want it to dissipate so nobody is hurt.”

Longan came up with the idea after Miami was repeatedly battered by severe weather in recent years. There have been near-record floods, and crippling ice, snow and wind storms.

It was enough to make even the most hardhearted get religion.</em>

No, actually it isn’t. Oklahoma, a state that feels that rape victims just haven’t suffered enough emotional violence, now thinks that spending tax money on superstition and mythology is perfectly legal…and sane.

It is neither.

The idea was embraced by Huey Long, who became Miami’s city manager two years ago. His view was that it couldn’t hurt and might actually help, though some have questioned whether the city might be challenged on the issue of church-state separation.

Longan said: “You need to always be prepared in both the secular and spiritual sense. You don’t know what will happen. The people in this group think God’s got to do something because he’s on the line now.”</em>

“Some have questioned”? “God’s got to do something”?

Speechless in the face of such willful ignorance. Hope a tornado wipes your entire fucking state away. Think of it as a “Rapture for Regressives”.

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