Sad to say, if you ever eat food from the Gulf again, you’re ins

Sad to say, if you ever eat food from the Gulf again, you’re ins

Scientists Find Evidence That Oil And Dispersant Mix Is Making Its Way Into The Foodchain

Scientists have found signs of an oil-and-dispersant mix under the shells of tiny blue crab larvae in the Gulf of Mexico, the first clear indication that the unprecedented use of dispersants in the BP oil spill has broken up the oil into toxic droplets so tiny that they can easily enter the foodchain.

Marine biologists started finding orange blobs under the translucent shells of crab larvae in May, and have continued to find them “in almost all” of the larvae they collect, all the way from Grand Isle, Louisiana, to Pensacola, Fla. — more than 300 miles of coastline — said Harriet Perry, a biologist with the University of Southern Mississippi’s Gulf Coast Research Laboratory.

And now, a team of researchers from Tulane University using infrared spectrometry to determine the chemical makeup of the blobs has detected the signature for Corexit, the dispersant BP used so widely in the Deepwater Horizon.

Thank you, BP, for poisoning our natural resources for profit.

Thank you, federal government, for aiding and abetting them in doing so with tax incentives, lax oversight, and Dick Cheney’s energy group authorizing the skimping on maintenance practices.

Thank you again federal government, for spending trillions of dollars killing little brown people who have the misfortune of living over oil, instead of investing in our future via alternative energy- or better yet, not spending the trillions at all and let us have it to perhaps develop such fuels ourselves.

Thank you fellow citizens who waste enough energy every day to power the planet again and again, who overbuilt this nation with now empty strip malls and office buildings because the money was cheap and you just had to have another fucking Blockbuster and Starbucks.

Thanks to the GOP, who masturbate into piles of lobbyist cash with hands slicked up by crude, dooming our future for a few more greasy dollars.

Really, thanks all of you, for gutting the economy of a yet another part of America for short term gain. I’d rather not eat Chinese shrimp, but I guess I don’t have much choice now. Thanks, thanks a bunch.

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