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Django Voris

Django Voris

The Strange Particle

100m Records

As I’m listening to this saucer full of electronic secrets, one thought sticks in my head: “This sounds like some sort of avant-garde soundtrack.” Sure enough, in the PDF press release that’s exactly what Mr. Voris was up to when creating this fuzzy and driving collection. The target for this decade of tracks was an anime film Voris was creating with a guy named Neil Chamberlain, but Chamberlain passed away before the film was created. The emotional arc of the music begins with an urgent urban drive full of scratch and remixes in “An American Actor in Paris,” then chills down to the Zappa-influenced “Muffin Dragon.” More odd noises and children’s toys take us on an amazing journey through “Mermaids of War” and on to “Husuar Szabla,” then to a cool down period with “Mother Ghost.” We’re back up to the opening pace in “The Dawn of a New Day,” completing the trip to a special place and back home. As a soundtrack, this would be an excellent backdrop to a properly spacey set of images, perhaps along the lines of the old Gate to the Mind’s Eye VHS or a similar retro shiny POV Ray Tracer film. I hear there will be some releases of scenes from Strange Particle, but the website is silent at the moment. Keep tuned in, that could possibly be wonderful.

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