• Christmas On Mars

    Christmas On Mars

    Call me a dork if you must, but I can’t wait to ogle Wayne Coyne‘s backyard space ship and get infected with the alien spirit of Christmas. Carl F Gauze considers Christmas on Mars required watching for the 12-sided dice crowd.

  • Eiji Tsuburaya: Master of Monsters

    Eiji Tsuburaya: Master of Monsters

    The definitive coffee table book on Godzilla and his creator, Eiji Tsuburaya. Carl F. Gauze is torn on whether to stifle a giggle at the rubber suits or flee in terror through the streets of Tokyo.

  • Puffy Amiyumi

    The Illustrated History of Puffy Amiyumi (Bar None). Review by Phil Bailey.

  • Mezzo Forte

    Controversial anime master Yasuomi Umetsu is back with his latest project, Mezzo Forte. Phil Bailey takes a look at the decidedly adult director’s cut on DVD.

  • jlist.com

    Where can you buy fine Japanese merchandise without paying hefty import fees? Phil Bailey takes a look at jlist.com, a site with a wide variety of unusual merchandise for the Japanophile.

  • Cardcaptors

    Songs from the Hit TV Series (Kid Rhino). Review by Edie Nguyen.

  • Essence

    Best known for his work on the anime Serial Experiments: Lain, Yoshitoshi ABe gets a beautiful showcase for his art in the new book, Essence. Phil Bailey takes a close look at the manga masterpiece.

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