Friendly Fire/ Static Recital

If your indie electro playlist is dying for a new addition, Violens will rub up against Cut Copy and MGMT quite nicely. The NYC band lathers up in New Wave, most notably in the vocals and synthesizer effects of Jorge Elbrecht, and washes the nostalgia clean with a modern dreamy pop sound that’s too crisp and computer-aided to be truly ’80s. Their full length debut, Amoral, is far from classic, but it does have a handful of inspired moments that will surely call for repeat plays.

“Acid Reign” kicks off with a Strokes guitar riff before sinking its teeth deep into Cut Copy territory. “Are You Still in The Illusion” leads off with a creepy church organ that, just before you’re poised to hit the “Next” button, falls into a sexy groove and ends up creating a gorgeous Roxy Music vibe. “Until It’s Unlit” has got an OMD beat right from the get-go and unabashedly hangs onto it for the whole song. And just when you thought you knew what to expect from this trio, they bring on the psychedelic with “Violent Sensation Descends.” In an otherwise sober mix, it rides in from the horizon like Of Montreal with their feathers and freak flags flying high. It’s two minutes of pure perfection, and it may just be the highlight of the whole record.


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