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If this actually was a Christian nation…

If this actually was a Christian nation, we wouldn’t have a graph like this:


Now, I first encountered this graph on, and of course they use it, as they do everything, to bash Obama and poor people in general. Which, if you’ve held your nose and visited the site over the years, wouldn’t surprise you. They only care about unborn people, once you’re out in the world, unless you’re a upper-class wannabe, they don’t give a shit about you.

Now, you can contrast their Beckian nonsense (No brainer – they want unemployment to be high, to bring about a collapse. Leftist are devious, evil, heartless. Forced collapse of the US economy. That is what “fundamental transformation” is all about.) with some actual facts the economy in this country, such as:

Much of today’s inequality is due to manipulation of the financial system, enabled by changes in the rules that have been bought and paid for by the financial industry itself–one of its best investments ever. The government lent money to financial institutions at close to 0 percent interest and provided generous bailouts on favorable terms when all else failed. Regulators turned a blind eye to a lack of transparency and to conflicts of interest.

I imagine that the CEO of GE, Jeffrey Immelt, considers himself to be a moral and Christian man. He even serves on the board of the Robin Hood Foundation, laughingly enough. That group is described as a charitable organization, which attempts to alleviate problems caused by poverty in New York, United States.

Try paying your taxes, you greedy bastard.

I quit attending church, or really, taking “faith” seriously when I was around 14 years old. I’ve never returned. It didn’t provide the answers I was searching for- answers I found in works of reason, rationality and science. But I did take away from the experience the single greatest moralistic and humanistic “words to live by” I’ve yet encountered:

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

Now, Christians didn’t invent the Golden Rule, but they certainly latched onto it. And why not? If every action you took was moderated by that simple notion- treat everyone as you would have them treat you- imagine! Imagine such a world. Imagine if instead of rushing to short-term gains brought on by union-busting and out sourcing, that CEOs lived as actual members of their communities, instead of looking out the tinted windows of limousines on the way to a gated mansion. Imagine sending books, medicine and food to the Middle East instead of drone bombs.

But instead of the Golden Rule, we live by Gold Rules. Its not an accident that the wealth of the top 2% of this nation has swelled like a bloated tick since Reagan, while the rest of us watched our wages, net worth and home values flat line. It’s because this “Christian Nation” has waged war both abroad and at home and allowed greed to be championed as a virtue rather than condemned as a vice. Every morning men who consider themselves to be moral, consider themselves good Christians, get up and spend the rest of the day in nothing more than an orgy of greedy self-interest that is sucking the marrow from the bones of this nation. If they think about their fellow man at all, its purely in form of market share, or to sneer at as the morally deficient crowd at so love to do.

Put another way.

If this was a Christian nation…you’d be able to tell.

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