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Dinosaur Bones

Dinosaur Bones

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Canada, a fount of indie rockers, pops out another fine if rather depressing band from the Toronto melting pot. Sounding slow and chunky, Dinosaur Bones syncopates guitar melodies while their drummer (Lucas Fredette) keeps a steady beat and updates his Twitter feed and the rest of the band attacks a simple melodic line from multiple angles. A drone of guitars underlines the vocals from Ben Fox, and I hear tell a keyboard might be in the group, but sometimes I think Dave Wickland went out to feed the meter while we hammer through noteworthy lyrics. “Cell phones go off like bombs in the night” is my favorite so far, and I’m only up to track three. I sense something less than anger in this band; ennui and unfocused energy gives a glow to the sound. They haven’t achieved enough fame to worry about feeding Africa or embarrassing themselves on Broadway, and that boyish charm captivates, making Dinosaur Bones Indie with a capital “I.” They don’t sound exactly like anyone else, but they aren’t so far off the zeitgeist that you’d feel awkward playing them on your hipster feed from Pandora.

Dine Alone Records: www.dinealonerecords.com

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