The Luyas

The Luyas

The Luyas

Too Beautiful To Work

Dead Oceans

Never quite warmed up to the Montreal scene as much as I should have, still getting into arguments about Arcade Fire, but the fellow denizens, The Luyas, let me tell you, I’m enjoying their juju. Reminiscent of Slowdive and the Cranes, but infused with a Warp-esque electronic sense of wonder and weirdness, The Luyas are on just the right side of “new music” (modern without pandering, etc.). Sweaty, organic, electro rave-ups (“Too Beautiful to Work”) hold hands with utterly enchanted ether-sniffing idylls (“Seeing Things”), eerie lullabies (“Canary”), manic chamber music (“Moodslayer”), and musique concrete wonderment (“Worth Mentioning”). The album speeds by, a burst of generally three-minute-and-below audio collages and sumptuous vocal swoons, and a moonlit, wintry idyll overlays the whole affair.

Dead Oceans:

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