CD Review – Soley (Atmospheric Icelander)

CD Review – Soley (Atmospheric Icelander)

We Sink

Morr Music

If you’ve ever heard the beautiful musical landscape that is Seabear, then you’ve heard Soley. You just haven’t heard her sing. On this, her first full-length album, the multi-instrumentalist takes the same basic Seabear sound (think lying in the grass, staring at the clouds passing by) and adds a wispy female voice to the fray.

Musically, her sound is a lot like fellow Icelander Bjork, but Soley’s vocals are less, well, weird. She actually sounds more like Jonsi from Sigor Ros (also from Iceland), especially on “Smashed Birds.” Consider Soley Icelandic folk. Take away the fluffy pseudo-electronic backdrop and add a guitar and you get Katie Herzig. But then, Soley’s debut LP wouldn’t be as unique. There is something about Iceland that brings a musically soothing quality to almost everything. Soley is no different. If you’re looking for a folk album that is nothing like anything else you’ve heard, then check out We Sink.

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