CD Review – Mia Doi Todd

CD Review – Mia Doi Todd

Cosmic Ocean Ship

City Zen Records

Mia Doi Todd’s 9th album reminds me of a worldly Sade. Her voice is effervescent and vulnerable, but touches upon on angelic. This is one of those albums that you sit back, sip on your coffee or tea and just smile. Tracks like the heavenly “Under the Sun” and “Skipping Stones” are like an audio bong. You become so relaxed that you forget where you are, what you are doing and you drift off into the clouds with Todd’s voice leading you deeper and deeper into the atmosphere until you become putty in her hands. By the end of “Gracias a la Vida,” she carefully puts you back in your chair, with your beverage in hand and leaves you refreshed and ready for the day. “CosmicOcean Ship” will take you on a journey where you leave all your cares and troubles at the door and come out the other end a new person. Mia Doi Todd is one of the best new artists (for me) and this is one of the most beautiful albums of the year; bar none.

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