First Aid Kit

First Aid Kit

First Aid Kit

The Lion’s Roar

Wichita Recordings

First Aid Kit seems like a strange name for a group, but it is probably the most fitting name for a group ever. An actual first aid kit is there when you need it. There to help heal scrapes, cuts, stuffy noses, whatever is ailing you. The two sisters of the band are there for the exact same reason. Their sophomore album The Lion’s Roar is an Americana beauty and will soothe you like a warm blanket on a cool morning. This album immediately launches them into the upper echelon of alt-country chanteuses.

“King of the World” is like a mix of fellow up-and-coming beauty Lissie and Bright Eyes frontman Conor Oberst, who contributes a verse that fits like a puzzle piece. The Felice Brothers also wail on their instruments (including horns and an accordion), bringing the album to an exuberant close.

The sisters pay tribute to their heroes on “Emmylou.” Sounding like dueling Lucinda Williamses, they gracefully harmonize “I’ll be your Emmylou and I’ll be your June/ If you’ll be my Gram and my Johnny too/ No, I’m not asking much of you/ Just sing, little darling, sing with me.” This is one of those tracks where the crystal-clear vocals, light percussion, and subtle slide guitar (an alt-country staple) all melt together to make a track that is quite honestly one of the best Americana/alt-country/folk songs I’ve heard this decade. It is truly amazing.

Then they follow it with the heartbreaking “In the Hearts of Men.” This is to put you into a deep trance, just like Kathleen Edwards’ “Hockey Skates” or Allison Moorer’s “Crows.”

First Aid Kit is one of those groups that makes you wonder how you have been living without their music in your life. They are that good. Buy this album now. You’re welcome in advance.

First Aid Kit:

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