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Seattle Seahawks: Moving in the Right Direction

Notable Free Agents: TE John Carlson, RB Justin Forsett, LB Leroy Hill, K Steven Hauschka, FB Michael Robinson

At the beginning of each of the past 10 seasons or so, the Seahawks start the year with high hopes and playoff aspirations, but almost every year (except two years ago) the ‘Hawks disappoint. Usually they are ravaged by injuries and this year was no exception. Mediocre QB Tarvaris Jackson was nicked up throughout the year. WR Sidney Rice was hurt almost half the year. Stud Tackle Russell Okung barely played at all and without RB Marshawn Lynch’s “Beast Mode,” Seattle goes from 7-9 to 5-11.

Their defense is exactly middle of the pack, which is no big deal when you play in the NFC West (where 8-8 can mean a playoff berth). So in this year’s draft the ‘Hawks need an upgrade on the offense. More specifically, they need a leader. Jackson is not a leader and there is no way QB Peyton Manning goes to the Pacific Northwest, so Seahawk fans; sorry I crushed your dreams. Seattle needs to draft QB Ryan Tannehill if he is still available. He is someone that the team can build around and, while he is not Andrew Luck or Robert Griffin III, Tannehill can be someone that the team can build around. If they can all stay healthy, the team will have a top 15 RB, top 20 WR and top tier left tackle and a top 20 TE in Zach Miller to surround Tannehill. Resign RB Justin Forsett to spell Lynch, FB Michael Robinson to open some running room and TE John Carlson and that optimism will creep back up for Seahawk fans. This time, however it will be justified.

On the Clock: Arizona Cardinals (Pick #13)

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