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When it comes to these obscure electronic bands, I often spend more time digging for a website than I do tracking the record. VVV is a good example. They seem to be listed on every music blog/ download/ fan page, but there’s precious little self-generated content, and I’m left with MySpace and Band Zone. That’s how much I love you; I dig for all these sites so you don’t have to. In this case, the result is a very pleasant surprise. VVV is a slick, smooth sounding electronic collective from the Czech Republic, and let’s see how well your browser renders Unicode: we have Honza Bernard VanÄ›Äek on vocals and bass, FrantiÅ¡ek Vácha backing on drums, and Mates VodiÄka helping on vocals and guitar.

While advertised as a dub step/ garage band by their publicist, I find them more electronic dance heading toward ambient. The weird doubled rhythm of dubstep is lurking, there’s a bit more auto-tune than absolutely necessary, but the strings are pleasantly full, full of reedy reverb and subtle rhythm. There’s an occasional drop, the female vocals echo through time and space, and that’s just on opener “Jade Mountain.” “Duration of Light” brings hip-hop to the table, and then plays with the rhythm like a cat batting a paper ball around. “Across the Sea” adds some ambient whistles and earthy organ chords but sticks to a bass and drum center. Lastly I’ll mention “Aisle Seat.” If there’s a dubstep love song, this is it. Overall, this album provides a solid, involving, sonic experience. Production values are clean and slick, the group knows what it’s about, and there’s never a point where you hope “OK, I get that beat. Let’s move on.” VVV might be obscure, but they sure don’t deserve it.

VVV: www.last.fm/music/vvvwww.myspace.com/thethreeveesbandzone.cz/vvv

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