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Peter Bradley Adams

Peter Bradley Adams

The Mighty Storm

I Me Mine

The Mighty Storm is Nashville-based singer songwriter Peter Bradley Adams’ fifth solo album and it’s his most complete, satisfying record yet.

Adams’ songwriting has been of a consistently high standard since he first came to prominence in folk-pop duo Eastmountainsouth. His ability to write beautiful, heart-rending melodies and lyrics is immediately evident on tracks such as the stirring “Hey Believers’ and the evocative “Be Still My Heart”.

The piano-led “A Way to You Again” is another highlight, while the acoustic “Gypsy Lady” shows that producer Lex Price’s decision to record organically as a band in the studio has really paid dividends.

But the two standouts tracks of a consistently superb record are the delicate and uplifting “Around Us” and the atmospheric, hypnotic rhythms of the superb title track. It’s a song – and an album – that deserves to take Adams to the next level.

Peter Bradley Adams:

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