Daena Jay

Daena Jay

Daena Jay

Subdivision EP

Catbeach Music

The press stuff reveals Daena Jay was “once an arcane writer” but leaves the details unclear: was she scribbling about magic spells and chants, or was she just in bottom quintile of the Amazon best sellers list? Either way, she has a glorious voice that is perfectly backed up by a New Age feeling beat box sound. It’s not all crystals and wind chimes and rain sticks but there’s a dreamy dance beat in there as well. She doesn’t demand you wave a glow stick or drop some Molly, but you could if you want.

Her lyrics cover love and self-depreciation, the open with “I’m no good. I’m no good” but then she recovers with “I can’t shake the feeling I’m needed” and finally “I want to hold you till your skin rubs off”. There are issues here, but all I’m recommending is you give these five sweet tracks a listen. Ms. Jay’s voice is a treat, and her lyrics novel, intriguing, and maybe even a bit arcane.


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