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Orlando Fringe International Preview

Orlando Fringe International Preview

Starring Michael Marinaccio and Chase Padgett

May 13, 2015

Orange Venue

Orlando Fringe Festival

Loch Haven Park, Orlando, FL</strong>

These preview show keep getting longer and longer, and even with a 2 minute time limit and a few no-shows this one began bumping into the beginning of “regular” programming. But it’s a worthwhile investment for those of us that need to do some sorting, and if an act ran over Bikini Advertising Girl Katie escorted offenders back to Green Room Hell. There’s anumber of perennial acts that do the Fringe circuit and deliver consistent high quality material year after year. These are the “must sees” on eveytones list – Martin Dockery, T.J Dawe, Paul Strickland, and even demihost Chase Padgett. It’s the new or obscure out of towners that you really need screen, and here are a few that struck me as intrighing. I’ve already commented on some of these, and here’s my list of other poterntial winners: The Ruby Darlings, Butt Kapinki, The “Dinner and a Show” Show, The Wonder Heads and Dark Wood.

And here’s my pick fo Most Bizzare Act as well as Best Title of the Festival: Japanese Samurai Don Quixote Challenging Giant English Windmills!

This show was part of the 2015 Orlando Fringe Festival. Information on tickets and times for any of the events may be found at

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