There’s Nothing

Villain Place/Rock Ridge Music

“aave” is a clean sounding band with an aversion to capitol letters and a weak claim to the psychedelic sound of your grandparent’s college days. I hear no sitars, no warped notes or paeans to magic mushrooms or Batman blotter. Rather, there’s a pleasant male vocal worrying about the topics that have always worried pleasant male vocalists: how to meet the girl of his dreams, win her and keep her. That’s the plot line of “Stutterer”; the following title track “There’s Nothing” moons about opening doors and “Along The Way” MIGHT have a hint of psych rock; here the vocals have a Sgt. Pepper inflection but I’m just not seeing the sparkly afterimages as I wave my arms around. Only “There’s Nothing” introduces a hint of flanging, it’s a nice eerie, airy sound but still lacks tie-dye cred.

For a debut album, it’s a solid musical effort with nice melody and pleasant if unremarkable vocals. These guys might go far, or they might get lost in the hordes of other really competent musicians trying to make nice music. I hope they can find a distinctive sound to propel them father up the ladder of success.


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