In Search of the Ultra Sex

In Search of the Ultra Sex

In Search of the Ultra Sex

directed by Nicolas Charlet & Bruno Lavaine

starring Bernard Boulard


Let’s pretend that after a particularly vigorous Florida Film Fest opening night party you and your buddy thought an x rated parody of Flesh Gordon would be a great project. Trouble is, Flesh Gordon is already a parody and it’s already rated X. So you do this project instead. The Nicolas Charlet & Bruno Lavaine team scraped up as many VHS sex tapes, sci-fi films, and other cutting room sweeping and assembled this rude, crude and thoroughly entertaining sex romp. The mysterious Ultra Sex machine has gone missing, and Earth people are screwing madly, even as many as 30 times a day. Commander Cock orders Captain Willy to find it, and he in turn hires Star Trek, Dynaman, the female cast of every Andy Sidaris movie, and a flock of male dancers who will make most guys jealous. Captain Willy and his team put on their dick-shaped helmets and chase down the robotic Daft Punk who did the evil deed (steal the ultra sex – this is a respectable publication). This is NOT for the uptights, there’s more sex here than even Plato’s Retreat can handle from people doing it on roller skates to leg warmer exercise videos. The film is French with a mix of subtitles, dubbing, and even a few French subtitles. Low class, low, fi, and high fun – the perfect midnight movie!

This film will be shown as a part of the 2016 Florida Film Festival. For tickets, show times and location please visit

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