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Soap Opera, An Opera

Soap Opera, An Opera

Central Florida Vocal Arts

Written by Nishaa Carson, Theresa Smith-Levin, Sean Duncan and John Clayton

Directed by John Clayton

Musical Direction by Nishaa Carson

Starring Justin Morrison

Black Venue

The 2016 Orlando International Fringe Festival

Orlando, FL</strong>

A “Soap Opera?” Heck, this look like “The Bachelor” to my eyes. Don Giovanni (Morrison) needs a wife, and Major Domo Nick (Andrew LeJune) lines up four hot candidates. There’s hot Spanish Carmen (Alyssa Flowers), emotionally fragile Maria (McKenzie Frasier), slightly pregnant Kim Butterfly (Jillian Gizzi) and blonde bombshell drunk girl Elle (Danielle Smith). It’s not clear how Don will select his bride of the week, but stentorian Emcee Nick Garrison (Andrew Lejeune) give us viewer hints along the way singin “Dry Cleaned Guy.” These are some of Orlando best singers, and they each have a chance to belt, even if it’s not with their safest material. Morrison adapts “Rudolpho” from Drowsy Chaperone to his powerful voice, then Maria tops him with “Maria” from “West Side Story.” Carmen gives us an exhilarating Habanero in Spanish. A drag candidate sneaks down from the booth; Nick calls him “Eye Broccoli’ and its back to making the Black Venue sound as good as it ever does. There’s a televised segment explain something or other; I couldn’t see it to hear it and it might as well be skipped. When the time to make a choice arrives, we, the audience get to pick and ending. I’ll not give away the surprise for your show; just vote with your heart. And like any good opera; the joy is in the singing and not the story telling. Olé!

This show was presented as part of the 2016 Orlando Fringe Festival for show times, tickets and more information please visit .

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