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Breakneck Hamlet

Breakneck Hamlet

By Tim Mooney

Pink Venue

The 2016 Orlando International Fringe Festival

Orlando, FL</strong>

If you’ve been reading this blog for any amount of time, you are familiar with the extensive works of Billy Shakespeare. But many people are reluctant to sit through an entire Shakespeare play; the material is long, the grammar is complicated, and the jokes are out of date. But more than anything else, they dislike the pauses. People HATE pauses; but you need them to allow them to process the words even at the expense of baby sitter overtime. But here you are saved; Mr. Mooney complete removes ALL the pauses from Hamlet. Zero. Nanda. A complete purge. He gets rid of a few words here and there as well; those are the words that slow down the always desirable soliloquies. He then can focus on “To be or not to be”; “Oh, that this too solid flesh” and “O, my offence is rank!” He expands and explains the material between the soliloquies as concepts, not endless, pause filled lines; thus we know what Hamlet is thinking in modern expression: “Is suicide and option?” “Damn, I wish I were dead.” and “God, I am a douchbag.” It’s breathless, breathtaking, and exciting; it’s as close to the experience a groundling would have had 400 years ago. Take this crash course, and you can bluff your way through an entire Orlando Shakespeare season.

This commentary was prepared from a private presentation of “Breakneck Hamlet.”</em>

This show was presented as part of the 2016 Orlando Fringe Festival for show times, tickets and more information please visit .

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