Hard Proof

Hard Proof

Hard Proof

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Is Afro Beat going to be the new ska? The infectious rhythms and jazz influenced horn driven music of Sub-Saharan Africa is building a following with American bands. The best known of these groups is Antibalis from New York, but you can find other followers of Fela around the country. The Budos Band, Afro Zuma and others are bringing the African groove to dance floors across the USA.

Hard Proof bring the African funk sound to the musical heart of Texas. The tracks were recorded live in the studio with the first batch of tunes recorded as a workshop with producer Jim Eno teaching students from Ohio State University how to record a large group live to tape. The old school recording process is live, direct to tape with no overdubs and the mix is done on the take. It’s the way records were made before multi- track tape came along. The student sessions were so good that a second session was set up to finish off the project as a proper album.

Hard Proof showcases six instrumental tracks that are at once very loose and very tight. The band locks down a solid groove providing the bedrock for the tuned to develop. The percussion and bass lay down the funk to get the body moving. Over the top of the groove, horns, guitar and keyboards have infinite room to stretch out and provide the melodic hooks. All of the tunes are fun, but I’ll name check “Popemobile” because I love the title and the funky keyboard that closes the track.

I really hope Hard Proof hits the road and plays somewhere that I can experience these sounds in person.


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