Levi Petree

Levi Petree

Levi Petree

It’s Country

We used to joke about “Punk Country” but it’s been a thing for some time. Cajun singer Levi Petree sings it sharp, but his real roots are in traditional guitar-based country. True, there’s a punk flavor on title track “The Rapture.” It’s a poke at the fundamentalist belief all the good people will disappear and only the creeps remain. This MAY have already happened, but what do I know about theology? The first half of these tracks rock: “Fight On” and “Do What You Want” are real toe tappers, and spew the energy Cajun music is known for.

Somewhere around “The Habanero Do-Si-Do” gears shift, that track is an upbeat dance number about meeting the girl from across the tracks but the subsequent tunes are softer, more romantic, and drip the sappy romantic sound that comes from a lucky man who found his Maid Marion. That’s the read you’ll get from “Lovers Cove” and a much softer “With You by My Side (Rapture Reprise).” There some good rocking on this disc as well as some heartfelt romance. There’s even some storytelling, but not enough to qualify as a full up concept album. Its good music, sung well.


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