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The Woggles

The Woggles

Tally Ho!

Wicked Cool

I think I heard this theory on a paranormal podcast. Maybe it was a conspiracy website, or it might have been on a bathroom wall. I can’t keep things straight. But the theory is, there is a tear in the fabric of time and space somewhere in Atlanta, Georgia. If you slip into this discontinuity, a part of you will always be in 1965. Some people say the riff is in the men’s room at the Claremont Lounge. Other folks say the riff is in the State Capitol building. For my money, the most credible claim is that the temporal distortion is located in the Woogles crash pad.

I hear you say, what is your evidence for this theory? Let me put on Tally Ho!

“Luminal Test” blows the doors off with grinding fuzz guitar and snapping snare drum. Then the Professor Mighty Manfred spits out Sam Spade references on this garage rock crime drama. It’s pure, greasy garage rock in the tradition of the Sonics or the Monks. I get the feeling that “Moritori Salutant” is the title tune to a parallel dimension British spy thriller. “Jungle Queen” sounds like Blue Swede somehow got mixed up with a Martin Denny session. I don’t know where “Mothra Hai” came from with its mutant surf gnarly snarl….

What’s that you say? I think too much? Little Steven says to just shut up and get on the dance floor? OK. I guess that works too.

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