Kings Among Scotland

Kings Among Scotland

Kings Among Scotland

Megaforce Records

I’m always impressed when heavy metal bands survive as long as Anthrax has. Anthrax began rocking out in 1981, and despite a few personal shifts over the years, they’ve built a consistent fan base and sound, and a stage show that keeps the customers satisfied. This two-disk concert doc documents a sold-out show filmed at Glasgow Barrowland Ballroom back in 2017. The band is in top form, and at the magical Ruby Anniversary, their passion for ear-numbing melodic metal continues as strong as ever. The audience is on its feet and metal sign horns are always on display. The lineup is stable these days: Joey Belladonna on vocals, Johnathan Donias on lead guitar, Charlie Benante hiding behind the drums and looking very sharp. Don’t forget Scott Ian on rhythm guitar, backing vocals and middle earth beard and Frankie Bello on bass. For old guys they can still rock.

Tracks hit all the favs: “Caught in a Mosh”, “Indians”, “Madhouse”, “Armed and Dangerous”, “I Am the Law” all draw strong audience reaction. Lesser hits like “Skelton”, the closer “A.I.R.” and “Antisocial” impress as well. These guys may have a few miles on them but there’s nothing wrong with this show except we weren’t there. Interestingly, the specific features on this 2-disc collection take us deep into the family dynamic of the band. Mr. Ian talks us through his guitar collection, Benante explains the drum kit as well as anyone has explained it to me, and all the other bandmembers talk about the tour, their families, and all the things that can go wrong. Yes, you must be a metal head to grock this collection, but this is as close to back stage pass as most of will ever get.;

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