Holly Golightly and the Brokeoffs

Holly Golightly and the Brokeoffs

Holly Golightly and the Brokeoffs

Clippety Clop

Transdreamer Records

Holly Golightly is part of a very unique lineage of garage punk musicians. She was part of the Billy Childish wing of low-fi, retro obsessed garage rockers. As a member of both Thee Headcoats and the distaff edition, Thee Headcoattees, Holly perfected the signature low budget sound that she continues to employ to this day. It would be easy to characterize this sound as pretending that the Beatles never happened.

Clippety Clop finds Holly with her longtime bandmate Lawyer Dave (he’s the Brokeoffs) digging into the equestrian songbook. We have songs about mules, ponies and horses. These tunes are blues and country standards that have been honky-tonk and campfire staples. I’m sure you’ve heard “I Ride an Old Paint”, “Mule Skinner” and “Pinto Pony” many, many times. Holly gives these tunes loose yet loving readings. Lawyer Dave sings lead on “Strawberry Roan”.

I found Clippety Clop to be fun to listen to a couple of times. I honestly can’t say it’s something I’ll be coming back to often. That said, I have a friend who lives for her horses and I bet she’d get a kick out of it. It’s all about finding your audience.


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