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As Time Goes By

The audience finally gets to sing along to a Winter Park Playhouse show.

As Time Goes By

Winter Park Playhouse

Mr. Leavy points out two obvious but oft ignored facts: people want to sing along with their favorite songs, and most of us only know the first verse and the chorus of those favorite songs. Which brings us to tonight’s entertainment: A pop tune sing along, done as a medley of medleys. Walk in the door, and you receive an 11-page document that helpfully reminds you of the lyrics to “As Time Goes By” and “Do-Re-Me” and ” In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida “. (Just kidding, it was actually “No Business Like Show Business.” We also ditched the preshow, there’s only so much this one man can do. Between sub-medleys we get entertainment horror stories, many of which involve working at a major theme park that gets $15 for a pint of beer. Audience participation varied: we stated out strong on “Strike Up the Band” and “76 Trombones” then lost steam on “Bei Mir Bist Du Schön” only to recover for the blow out closer “We’ll Meet Again”, the famous Vera Lynn closer from “Dr. Strangelove.” I think we’ve got the sing-along bug out of our system; this show ran a lengthy 90 minutes and we did, in fact, sing every song on the hand out. You had your chance, now keep quite at the next show.

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