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Elle King

Elle King

Shake The Spirit


While it was slightly daunting to try and tackle an album review of such a powerful, female, “pop star”, once I started listening to Shake The Spirit, it all fell into place. Between the album bio that gives a bit of back ground of Elle’s hardships leading up to this new album, and the absolutely stunning musicianship, I was blown away. The truth of these songs are as much the reason I loved each track as well as the catchy music that accompanies it.

The album is 13 tracks of raw talent and personal growth that comes at you like a freight train out of a dark tunnel. It is, collectively, a beautiful statement of her progression through her first album, and where she’s headed musically, and personally. There are no formulaic singles or pre-manufactured hits on this album, just her raw truth in spades.

Between 2015’s Love Stuff to now, Elle has lived the life of a rock star, struggled with her demons, and fought to get her personal life where she needs it to be. The songs on the album read like pages from a diary and are intensely personal and the reason that they will resonate with the listeners. From the slow and sultry “Good Thing Gone”, “Sober” or “Runaway” to her signature retro sounds of “Ram Jam” and “Baby Outlaw” she’s written one solid track after another.

Elle, already a talented singer and guitar player, expanded her musical talent and learned to play bass for this album that helped lead her in different directions as a song writer. She singularly wrote “Told You So”, and, my favorite track of the album, “Little Bit of Lovin”, while co-writing the balance of the 11 tracks. Her ability to handle multiple facets of the albums construction, from writing to playing various instruments, is very refreshing and not something you generally see in the “pop/rock” genre.

Shake The Spirit brings Elle’s vintage sound that nods to all her influences, while being uniquely, Elle King. If you liked any of her past work, you cannot miss this album.

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