by Christopher Long

Moonshine Cove Publishing

Superstar, a new 253-page novel written by my friend and Ink 19 colleague, Christopher Long (along with Bryan Dumas), just may be the quickest read with the meatiest message you will ever receive. Long has evolved into an evocative, compelling storyteller who subtly weaves his message about The Word into his riveting narrative. The tale focuses on overnight country music sensation, Trent Davis, his meteoric rise to fame, his subsequent fall from grace, and finally, his “Jesus” moment. If the Christian aspect may not be your “thing,” that’s okay. The beauty here is that it’s not being crammed down your throat. The message is subtle but powerful, and one to which anyone can relate. While this is a work of fiction, it certainly resonates with ANYONE connected to the music business. Sex, drugs, rock ‘n’ roll, adultery, murder, and finally, redemption – it’s all intertwined in the tale of Trent Davis. And Long himself certainly was no stranger to the sex, drugs, rock ‘n’ roll scene, which gives this story so much more cred.

Trent Davis is the young, naive frontman of Cherry Hill, a country band that “makes” it almost overnight. But with that huge success comes even huger temptation, and Trent is unable to resist. At risk to lose everything including his wife and child, his friends, his career, and maybe even his life, he continues his downward spiral. Just when it all seems too much to bear, he is “saved.” Ever a master wordsmith, Long carefully injects Christian characters and moments into the plot that “show” instead of “tell,” which is a key component.

When Long and Dumas first began writing Superstar years ago, I was honored to offer minimal input about the first few chapters in the very early stages, and that was the last time I read anything connected to the book – until now. Once I got my hands on a copy, I sat down to read it the other night and would have finished it but realized how late it had gotten. Figuring sleep was a pretty good idea since I had to get up in just a few hours, I grudgingly tore myself away halfway through and eagerly returned the next evening to finish. I was sorry it ended and definitely craved more. The brief epilogue certainly smacks of a sequel. I know I would love to read the continuing storyline of Trent Davis. Trust me – after you read this, you will too.

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