Out of My Dreams

Out of My Dreams

Out of My Dreams

Winter Park Playhouse

We are slowly working our way through the cast list of WPPH regulars in this cabaret series. Hanna Laird has appeared in a number of recent performances. She began her as a child and built a career on that base. Now at an age where its legal to drink and do all sorts of other fun stuff, she regals us with her life’s story. In her red evening dress, she belts “Super Hero Girl” and ” A Dream Came to Life.” Of course, there’s a romantic element here with “Out of My Dreams in Into Your Arms.” Like many actors, she doesn’t really fall into any of the classic roles like “Hot Chick” or “Quirky Girl Friend.” I can’t say that been an issue for me, but I sympathize with her plight. As we come to know her, she demonstrates a real talent I’ve not seen in her before, she has classic opera training and belts out a number from Gounod’s version of Romeo and Juliette. I was impressed. And as always with opera, I have no idea what the lyrics say, but the emotion honed with teen age hormones blasts though loud and clear. Too soon it’s time to go (they are tightening up in the “One Hour” rule) and I walk out in to the still shimmering midsummer evening. The cars don’t even have headlights on yet, and frankly, when you leave a cabaret, the sky should be black.


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