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Charlie Rauh

Charlie Rauh


Destiny Records

For some artists, one of the most important things about making music is definitely the ability to share experiences, stories and connect with other people.

This definitely appears to be the case for the talented New York-based composer/guitarist Charlie Rauh. The artist makes music that stands out for its organic and distinctive tone, as well as for its introspective melodies and sophistication. Rauh’s most recent studio release is an acoustic effort which features some outstanding production, including some detailed and well-performed guitar tracks. The album has nine particular songs, each bringing something different to the release. Not only are these tunes emotionally engaging, but they are also going to impress fans of solid musicianship, because of Rauh’s impressive skills on the six-string instrument.

From the sparse arrangement of “On Learning,” down to the moody and somber textures of “Black Sea Dress,” Rauh is a master of minimalism, and he can tell you so much, with so little.

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