Mauricio De Souza’s Bossa Brasil

Mauricio De Souza’s Bossa Brasil

Mauricio De Souza’s Bossa Brasil

Five Roads

Mauricio De Souza’s Bossa Brasil is an exciting Latin jazz outfit with a unique feel. What makes the combo’s music stand out is their ability to set the bar higher with a distinctive array of influences, while at the same time allowing their flow to feel smooth and easy to relate to.

Recently, De Souza set out to release a fantastic new studio effort. With elements of funk, jazz, world, and fusion, the band managed to create a true behemoth of different sounds and ideas. The drumming in particular has a lot of character. The rhythmic patterns are extremely nuanced, displaying plenty of finesse and a very skillful approach to composition. The drums here aren’t merely giving the songs a beat, but rather enhancing the instrumentals and propelling the melodies to different directions. Each piece of this sonic puzzle seems to intersect to perfection, making for a beautiful and cohesive studio work. If you are a fan of recorded jazz fusion that has a timeless warmth and feel to it, this one is going to be what you need in your collection.

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