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How Long Have I Been On Fire

Hex Records

Sludge rock. Sure, why not? Call it what you will, Gaytheist pounds out a blend of punk, speed metal and protest songs that probably have lyrics, but sorting them out of their wall of noise remains a challenge. I dug a few out, and when you can hear them, they got a lot to say. This trio currently operate out of the Pacific Northwest and just dropped their fifth album. I sense a touch of downer emotions here; we enjoy titles like “Dental Records,” and “All Choices End In Death” and “Fetid Delights.” Cheery titles, one and all, and just the right mood for this virus infested summer. “Border Patrol” highlights the fun of schlepping through the dessert southwest, never mind your direction. Later we tune in on “Reigning Men,” not to be confused with that popular club hit from the dance clubs of the 1980s. Rather, this song explores the male patriarchy and give up the lyric “Legislative control over your body.” When that last time you chanted THAT line in the mosh pit? These guys are great at mixing political messages with angry guitar chords and throat ripping vocals. I say: “Rock on!” “Give them the old what ho!” And “Burn down the DJ!” Gaytheist mixes radical politics with angry post-life post punk. Enjoy them while you can.

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