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Mixtape 149 :: Strawberry Sunset

Mixtape 149: Strawberry Sunset

FEATURED: When your arrangements are razor-sharp, your moods mercurial and psychedelic, and your melodies constantly off-kilter, you’re probably a Dutch band like Certain Animals.

ALSO IN THIS EPISODE: A Tale of Golden Keys, Bootsy Collins feat. Robert “Bewise” Harding, Certain Animals, Cornershop, CSS, Fat Freddy’s Drop, fIREHOSE, The Flaming Lips, Foxygen, Frente!, G. Love & Special Sauce, Grand Analog, The Herbaliser, The Hollywood Persuaders, IDLES, La Musica De La Mafia, METZ, Moby, Mother Falcon, Mother Mother, Neutral Milk Hotel, Palm, The Pica Beats, Pole, Quintron & Miss Pussycat, Snake Eyes, The Strypes, The Sugarman Three & Co., TLO, Vampire Weekend

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