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Matt Madmally

Matt Madmally

In The Beginning…

Matt Madmally is an artist who recently released a brand new album titled In The Beginning…,which is now available on the artist’s official page on Bandcamp and elsewhere online. Originally from South Africa, but currently based in South Korea, Madmally has a unique and diverse international background, which inspired his kaleidoscopic passion for different styles of music and a more open-minded creative approach. As a multi-instrumentalist, he is also able to approach music in different ways, truly focusing on different sides of his artistry and creative composition.

What makes this release quite distinctive is that it could be described as a concept album of sorts. There seems to be a thread connecting all songs, starting from the aptly titled “In The Beginning,” down to the closing number, “Epilogue.” The songs explore the artist’s Christian faith with messages of love, positivity and understanding, something that we all so sorely need in these crazy times.

The song “Jesus My SuperHero” has a playful title and an amazing approach to his composition, combining elements of classic blues and Christian music with some electronic sides and a bit of an experimental feel. The song kicks off with a guitar line that makes me think of artists such as The Beatles or The Kinks, but it also includes some different elements, such as a catchy vocal line.

“My Jesus” is one of my personal favorite tracks. “Heaven Bound” is another great song with a positive and happy mood. The piano work on this one is truly compelling, and the vocals are so expressive, perfectly locking in with the swirling piano parts and the beautifully rhythmic guitar tones.

You can really tell that Madmally is so deeply connected with his material, and there is a strong emotional connection with every note. There are so many enjoyable tracks on this record, and each song has got something quite special to offer. If you do enjoy gospel music with a more innovative twist, you should definitely give this this one a go.

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