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Kaiti Jones

Kaiti Jones’s sophomore album, Tossed, is nine tracks of carefully crafted, lyrical works of art. The stories and emotions that she pours into each song reach out through the vocal lines and simultaneously touch your heart, while tearing it to pieces. Combine that emotion with well crafted music to accompany the lyrics and the album ever so gently demands that you listen to these wonderful songs.

“Light On” is a walk through the relationship as she falls out of love, seemingly because of her own internal strife. Each verse tells a different piece of the puzzle and culminates to the sentiment of the chorus with the lyrics “So I don’t want to kiss you with the lights on with the lights on. Cause in the dark, the blackest parts of my heart feel at home.” She opens and ends the song with that chorus but, after listening to it a number of times, and possibly because of the somewhat pop/indie feel of the song, I don’t think the full weight of those lyrics hit you until you soak up the entire song.

“I was Wonderin” continues those same struggles but in a more positive resolution by asking the other person to go along on that journey instead of shutting them out. The albums namesake, “Tossed”, tells the story of Jones on a work trip while finding out that he mother was starting chemotherapy treatments and how she navigates physically, and emotionally dealing with that circumstance. It’s a true heart on your sleeve album but written from a truthful place that’s as relatable as having lived pieces of it yourself.

The album was recorded between December 2019 and and May of 2020 at the home studio of Daniel Radin of the band Future Teens in Watertown, Massachusetts. Daniel and Kaiti produced the album together while Daniel also handled engineering, mixing, and playing a number of instruments through out the album. Daniel Hoshino, Ben Cosgrove, Colby Blauvelt, Emily Baker, and Alisa Amador all play on the album of songs written entirely by Kaiti Jones.

It’s really hard with an album this good to choose a favorite and in this case, it may just be eah song for a different reason. The album is now available at all online retailers and streaming services. Additionally, Kaiti’s bandcamp page has vinyl, cd, and download formats available to purchase.


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